We are the energy!

AES is a global company that provides sustainable and affordable energy in 14 countries through a diverse product portfolio of renewable and thermal energy distribution and generation. We are committed to operational excellence and the world’s ever-changing energy needs and dedicated to a cleaner energy future.

Solar, wind, battery energy storage, digital platforms, natural gas, hydro: we have solutions that span a wide range of technologies, along with the expertise to apply the most appropriate solutions within the communities we work. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for the people and companies we serve.

We are motivated by our passion to help meet the current and future energy demands of a world that is constantly evolving. The challenge is to ensure that countries can grow without being limited by their access to reliable and affordable energy.

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Our Mission: Accelerating the future of energy, together.


Energy4Talent is AES’ trainee program

At AES, our trainees contribute directly to a more sustainable future through their support of AES products and services that deliver safer and cleaner energy. They have innovative mindsets capable of influencing strategic decisions and the potential to become future leaders in the organization. We invest in the development of our trainees through growing their technical skills and professional competencies to ensure our people have a broad understanding of our business.

Energy4Talent is a two-year program with rotations in different areas every six months. This allows our trainees to become acquainted with all aspects of our company and better understand the energy market. During each rotation, trainees are responsible for leading strategic projects developed with the help of a technical tutor and area leaders.

If you want to follow this path, your journey starts here. Be part of the team that is accelerating the future of energy!

Let’s accelerate the future of energy, together.

•Two-year program, with rotations every six months in different areas.

• Opportunity to lead high impact projects and transform the future of energy.

• Local and global training opportunities, developing technical skills and professional competencies.

• Global exposure to senior leaders accross the company.

• Internal mentor program to support your professional development.

• Opportunities to be part of cross-functional teams throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

• Take part in the AES global trainee community and share experiences and expertise.


Why participate?

Our world is constantly changing, and this is especially true in the energy sector. We need sustainable and intelligent solutions as we transition to renewable energy sources. To continue leading in this transformation, AES combines the global presence of a large organization with the agility of a startup.

Our future leaders should be people interested in using cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices for energy generation and storage, combining the two to improve lives through the global evolution of the industry. 

We’re looking for creative young professionals who embrace transformation and are ready to present new solutions and ideas that will add value to our business. We seek great communicators who can interact with all levels of the organization, can work within multifunctional teams and who are results oriented.

• Bachelor’s degree completed between December 2018 and December 2020.
• Advanced/fluent English.

Business Areas
Please apply if you want to lead projects in these areas: Finance, Commercial, Operations, Engineering, Renewables, Digital, Business Development, Human Resources.
AES We are the energy